Bloomberg Links for February 14th

Michael Bloomberg

See UniteForMike’s delicious profile for more.

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  1. Sean says:


    How come every time Bloomberg speaks on a national/international issue he sounds more presidential than the presidential candidates? I understand he’s trying to “influence” the campaign debates, but at a certain point, when his prodding has no response, shouldn’t he JOIN the debates?

  2. He’s the perfect Zen Presidential Candidate maybe who has adjusted to the unforeseen stretched out Campaign and the surprising emergence of bipartisan more independent oriented candidates from the 2 parties. I do think he needs to declare soon to get a higher profile, but maybe he sees chiming in on the issues and not in seeking office (yet) that he may be adding some substance/focus to the overall debate on the issues – rather than personalities/histrionics as the MSM and the campaign spin-meisters are all so prone to do.

    So to the extent Bloomie can focus on the substance and the issues then I think that is good for starting the conversation on them. I just think as a legit candidate he could maybe raise the issues profiles better and force the other 2 or 3 candidates to take note and provide their own substanceon the biggie issues. But Bloomie better do it soon. Time waits for no one – even Billionaires!

  3. Along this same theme…FYI in case you have not seen yet – another Centrist Issues group is born – with Big Bucks behind it:

    Peter G. Peterson Commits $1 Billion Toward Solving America’s Most Significant Economic Challenges -
    “In a move to address the most critical sustainability challenges that threaten America’s future, Peter G. Peterson today announced the formation of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and his commitment to fund at least $1 billion over the next several years toward addressing these challenges.”

    You can read the full story at this URL:

    It is out of New York and David Walker (Fiscal Wake-Up Tour guy and Concord stalwart), retiring head of GAO and one of my heroes is going to it soon. I would not be surprised at all if Bloomie may try to dovetail efforts on issues with this new Peterson Foundation and hammer home the main theme of “Sustainability/Non-Sustainability” of current Governmentt domestic/foreign policies and beyond.

    Who knows…might be the shadow Bloomie campaign waiting in the wings!! Pass on.

  4. PhilWray says:

    And even if Bloomie doesn’t pick up on it, one can only hope that the other candidates factor this resource in with their promises. Maybe the CFR and GAO will benefit from this new tool for long term planning.

  5. As the Peterson site says it’s goal enhance public understanding of the nature and urgency of selected key sustainability challenges that threaten America’s future, to propose sensible and workable solutions to address these challenges and to build public will to do something about them.

    The Foundation’s initial focus will be on the following :

    - Unsustainable entitlement benefits. As 78 million baby boomers retire, America’s unfunded entitlement promises (i.e., Medicare and Social Security) exceed three times the annual GDP of the country.

    - Unsustainable current account deficits, primarily accounted for by unprecedented trade deficits. Now at twice previous record levels, these leave America dangerously dependent on foreign capital and require America to save much more both at the national and personal levels.

    - Unsustainable and ballooning healthcare costs. These costs are now more than twice as high per capita as the rest of the developed world with no appreciable differences in health outcomes or longevity. And, this healthcare system leaves 47 million Americans uninsured.

    - Unsustainable and gluttonous energy consumption – and its first cousin, global warming. With less than five percent of the world’s population, America accounts for 25 percent of the world’s consumption of oil. This gluttonous consumption leaves America dangerously dependent on unfriendly and unstable foreign sources of oil and, in some cases, fuels terrorist activities. Most energy experts agree that, of course, over the longer term, building alternative energy sources is important, but if the energy challenge is to be resolved over the near-to-mid term, it must be resolved, basically, on the demand side through conservation and not the supply side.

    - Unsustainable competitive gaps in our educational system. America’s economic leadership in an increasing competitive global economy is not sustainable when half of the young in our urban areas and 30 percent of all young Americans do not graduate from high school. Nor is it sustainable in an increasingly technological world where the capacity to do basic research and to invent the next big technologies is crucial and where Asian countries are now producing more master degree and PhD technology graduates than the United States. Furthermore, America’s education system is not doing an adequate job in the areas of financial literacy and civics.

    - The undeniable, transcendent threat to our collective future: The potential for nuclear and biological warfare materials falling into the hands of terrorists.

    I think all these are something Mike can build on and that we can use to hold all the candidates to FULL account!! I think Intergenerational Sustainability should be the main theme for Mike and the rest!!

  6. Kim says:

    Hey Bloomie backer,

    I like this one a lot. More competition on energy and education policy.

    Add to a careful center-left health care policy and I think we’d have a decent domestic agenda.

    Its good to see anyone give any policy recommendation that isn’t Civil rights or Goldwater circa 1960s.

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