Bloomberg/Obama ticket? Could be!

So, reading some of the articles out there, there is definitely a sense that the race is far from over and Mike may still be in the running.

Mike Bloomberg at Global Climate ChangeConsider this article from Political Lore:

There is no doubt that Mayor Michael Bloomberg would be a formidable candidate, however some political pundits are currently making the argument that if the race becomes McCain versus Obama they will win the votes of all independent and moderate voters in the center, leaving no room for Michael Bloomberg independent Presidential run. However as the nation’s economy continues to gain prominence and coverage of the Iraq occupation continues to dwindle, my feeling is that the door remains open for Bloomberg.

Now, the main reasons I support Mike are his managerial skills, his understanding of business and the economy and his “get-it-done” attitude.  With the race becoming more and more about McCain and his “I’ll-read-up-on-the-economy-with-Alan-Greenspan’s-book” take and Obama’s relative management inexperience and Billary’s “35-years-of-change” line, I am sorry – I am for Mike for accomplishing what I know is coming – a person who will help us handle the right decisions when it comes to addressing the future economic issues.

I keep thinking about what he recently said about how the US finances are similar to a third-world country.  This scares me.  The last time i heard something like this was when a banker friend of mine said, if the world knew how we were “balancing our books”, they would realize we had more in common with Argentina and their crisis.

I am sorry – but this makes me concerned.

So, if Obama wins the nomination – then I assume Bloomberg will not throw his hat in the ring, but will work with Obama to resolve these issues (Secretary of the Treasury Bloomberg?).  Or, if Hillary gets the nod, then I could see an incredibly powerful ticket with Bloomberg and Obama, where Obama gets the Democrats who are dissatisfied with the Democratic party for brokering a convention and Bloomberg pulls in the Republicans who are tired of the standard spend-and-spend Republicans that want McCain in office.

Hmmmm.  This could be interesting.

What do you think?  Do you want Mike to Run for President?  Sign the petition and tell us why!

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14 Responses to Bloomberg/Obama ticket? Could be!

  1. Diane in MN says:

    I think this is ridiculous. I can’t see Bloomberg taking any cabinet position. A Bloomberg/Obama ticket is a pipe dream. I am beginning to think Bloomberg will not run. The clock is ticking and it is 5 minutes to midnight. While “Rome is burning” Bloomberg sits on the sidelines. Nancy Reagan wants Bloomberg to run as an independent, but will she live long enough to issue a very public endorsement?

    I deeply believe that if an independent is not elected this cycle, it will be another 20 years before the right climate presents itself again. And by then, the US will be in such deep dodo. I truly feel for this country and what we are leaving for our children to fix. Bloomberg has no reason to wait beyond this month. McCain is lining up independent voters support and they will not change horses in the middle of the stream. Many are working on this draft, but I think this is falling on “deaf ears.”

  2. Kim says:

    Bloomberg is a great guy. Still, he’s waited too long.

    Clinton will hold on to win Ohio but it will be the last victory in her campaign. Obama will win Texas and the superdelegates will start to pour in.

    I hope Bloomie gets a top position in a new administration.

    I’d like to see a conservative approach to energy and education (more competition) and a more liberal approach to health care (govt regulation). Maybe Bloomberg could win over an Obama White House to the conservative energy or education policy.

  3. Peter says:

    It is a remarkable decline in political process when Februarly becomes too long. In the ancient days races were just getting started now, and a strong independent (Ross Perot and above) would not have appeared for several months.

    The candidate vetting has been poor this year. I suspect we will see much more of it in the next two weeks.

    Bloomberg needs to follow an Governor Angus King strategy and turn strategig voting on its head. He could easiy replace John McCain (because Repubs are very weak) and then run a center right against teh democrat. Interestingly this strategy was use on Susan Collins, who is of the same policy stripe as King (not the far right candidate) that most think Bloomberg would do well against.

    How do you reach the tipping point of becoming one of the top two….it’s easy…you spend money on TV while the other are regrouping. The Republican name is so soiled that despite the moderate McCain, Bloomberg could steal teh challenger position away….

    He should do so.

    We need a whole lot more Harry Truman in this country and a lot less Reagan of JFK…Bloomberg fits that archetype much better than McCain or Obama

    Peter T.

    Minneapolis 5th CD IP

  4. Craig says:

    Bloomberg can beat them both and Obama is a fraud, you do not want to be on a ticket with him.

  5. Diane in MN says:

    I predict that Bloomberg will run for NY governor not president. He will not take a position in a McCain or Democratic admistration. When the Democrats take the White House, they will be so puffed up by their victory, they will do what ever they want, dam the public. Me, I’m going back to watching the Daily Show. Reality is just too depressing. Bye.

  6. Diane in MN says:

    NY Times Story on McCain and a female lobbyist. Will this have any affect on Bloomberg’s decision. This could get interesting~

  7. Sean says:

    To assume that someone who’s been in Washington for 25 years is somehow not part of the Washington-politics-as-usual would be naive… you don’t last 25 years without being part of the in crowd…

    I think the Obama train is too strong right now. I’m not sure if Bloomberg could slow it down. Now if Obama stumbles too, that’s another story…

  8. Jerry says:

    While I’m still planning to hold the Columbia, SC Meetup, I must say that I’m beginning to have my own doubts about Bloomberg’s entrance into the race. I would love to see it, but…

  9. Richard says:

    It is just ashame. I can not believe with the mess this Country is in at home and abroad, that the choices we have are McCain, Obama, and a slim chance of Hillary. Putting old McCain in will not change a thing from the path we are already on. Obama represents Change, yes. Nothing like putting someone in right now to gain on the job training being he has zip in experience for running America in these times. Hillary, I can’t say much about being she seems to be always changing her views on everything so have no idea where she stands.
    NOW is the time for the leadership and experience of Michael Bloomberg and time is running out and I don’t believe he will jump in. Just ashame for this Country.
    The next best bet to a Bloomberg run is for Gore to jump in as the savor. We would know what were getting and his experience and leadership at least is above that of the other three dimwits running.
    If Bloomberg had jumped in already he would have been so far ahead of anyone else running. Time is elapsing…and it’s a sad thought of where were headed with the choices we have.

  10. Kim says:

    I would love to have MB run for governor of NY as a candidate of the NY Independence party. Then the party could run congressional candidates in 2010.

    After that Mike runs for Prez in 2012 from the base of a strong regional third party (even though he is not a third party fan at this point).

    Let the woman, minority, or vet clean up the middle east first.

  11. rocket says:

    next fall the economy will be in shambles. Bloomberg puts up a billion bucks to explain to the american people why he is the most qualifed , and also get in the debates cause he owns alot of the media , and its a slam dunk –President Bloomberg!

  12. Jon Reagan says:

    This is very much like the situation our country faced in 1976. A decent, inspirational “feel-good” Democrat ran against the corruption of the previous 8 years (even though Ford was prez; Carter campaigned against Nixon), and people didn’t want to ask tough quesions. They just wanted hope. They just wanted an end to corruption, as well as the hangover from Vietnam.

    Today–as then– we are facing an ugly point in the world economic cycle, that will make this inspirational leader a one-termer, with no honeymoon. Scarcity in basic commodities leading to hyper-inflation, the unwinding of sub-prime, and a nasty consumer-led recession. Mr. Obama doesn’t even understand that tax increases in the midst of a recession are a recipe for disaster (Econ 101-102). In one of the debates, it was evident that he doesn’t even understand the difference between the Fed Funds Rate and the Discount Rate.

    So, no, I don’t see Mayor Bloomberg as a VP or in a Cabinet Position, where he has to deal with eggheads from academia who don’t understand how the REAL financial sector works. We need Michael Bloomberg as the next President of the United States. I’m not saying he’ll have all the answers, but at least this country will have a fighting chance.

  13. Trouble is people like “feel-good” and what we need is somebody who can transcend that “feel good” to tell the hard truths. I know Bloomie could but I not so sure that Obama could not oull it off as well. America needs a good talking to and a top notch orator who is willing to reach across the isle just might be it.

    Anyway I see Bloomie hammering away on the biggie issues in the next 6 months and holding both Obama and McCain’s feet to the fire to show the beef and the HOW to their many WHATS. Both being men of true political courage and intelligence just might get the message and Bloomie could give them some political cover from both’s respective activist bases!!

  14. Grace says:

    Jon Reagan says: “we are facing an ugly point in the world economic cycle, that will make this inspirational leader a one-termer, with no honeymoon”

    So how does it makes sense for him to be the next President? Let Hillary or Obama deal with the Bush aftermath. They want the job so bad right now that they’re willing to fight to the end. Everyone knows that whoever takes over will have to deal with the Iraq mess. Why should that be Bloomberg’s job? Because everyone in America failed and now we need someone to rescue us from this mess? America stood by silently as the Bush Administration campaigned for unsolicited attack. Americans were active participants of this sub-prime mess, not just innocent victims. We are all so quick to point out how the big corporations and politicians duped us, but the old “we didn’t know any better” excuse no longer gives us a free pass. I messed up, we messed up, so we all have to pay for it.

    I do not think Obama or Hillary will be able to fix all of the mess during their 4-year term. Neither can Bloomberg. He’ll do a better job at it, but he’s a smart man and knows how to wait for his turn (unlike somebody!) Bloomberg will run in 2012 and win it.

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